VP384760 – Woodburn-Coraki Road – Thearles Canal Culvert Upgrade

Closing Date: Friday 24 November 2023 - Closed

Thearles drain is a box culvert-built institute 2400 x 1200mm, 10.1m in length at a depth of 1800mm. The current water course is 4.8m in width, the current structure was constructed in January 1993.

Upgrading the existing Thearles Canal culvert on Woodburn-Coraki Road (MR145) will increase the capacity of the culvert with the outcome of improving the flood resilience of this vital transport link and the neighbouring properties.

Flood water will be able to reach the Richmond River much quicker following rainfall events, consequently reducing the risk of water overtopping the road and inundating neighbouring properties.


The scope of the project is –

• Construct and install a duplicate box culvert 2700 x 2100, 10.6m in length at a depth of 1800mm next to the existing Thearles Canal culvert on Woodburn-Coraki Road (MR145). Refer to attached culvert plan.

• Remove existing guardrail and install new guard rail to both sides of the road edge.

• There is to be 500mm of separation between the exiting culvert and new culvert.

• No fines concrete to be used between the existing and new culvert.

• Works to be conducted in two halves to allow one lane to always remain open with the lane width being a minimum of 3m.

• Traffic control is to be organised and maintained by the contractor.

• Minor road shoulder repair may be required to make the single lane trafficable.

• 3.22m sheet piling is required and a protection barrier while works are being constructed to maintain lane opening. Refer to attached plan.

• Supply and install scour protection to the inlet and outlet sections.

• Reinstatement of road surface (as per Regional Geotechnical Solutions pavement design Ref: RGS01626.3-AB dated 13/08/2020)

Please note –

Council will be purchasing the box culverts; these will be stored at Dairy Flat works compound of Woodburn Coraki Road.

Delivery December 2023.

TendorPanel link: https://www.vendorpanel.com.au/publictenders.aspx?emcc=4B660E2E0CFB

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Hawthorne CivilConfidential
Roseberry Creek DevelopmentsConfidential
Somerville Excavator HireConfidential

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