VP362383 – Security Patrols and Related Services

Closing Date: Monday 19 June 2023 - Closed

Richmond Valley Council is seeking to engage the services of a qualified and experienced security firm to provide a range of Security Services, on both a regularly-scheduled and an ad-hoc/as required basis, including:

  • Patrols
  • Alarm response
  • Cash escort
  • Staff escort
  • Facility lock-up
  • Static guard
  • Provision of security training

The Services as defined in the Contract may change during the term of the Contract and the Provider is to remain flexible and adaptable to accommodate any changes to the Services (including changes to Sites, frequencies of service, provision of ad-hoc services as required, potentially with short notice, and the removal or addition of defined services) that may be required during the Contract period.

As Council is seeking to appoint a single provider for the entirety of the services, only those organisations willing and capable of servicing the entire requirement within this tender should submit an offer.

TendorPanel link: https://www.vendorpanel.com.au/publictenders.aspx?emcc=4B660E2E0CFB

Tenders Submitted

Tender NameTender Amount
Club AVConfidential
Herne's Security SolutionsConfidential

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