Marine algae warning for Evans River

THE combination of calm conditions, northerly currents and warm water temperatures has seen marine algae blooms grow in and around Evans Head beaches and most recently the Evans River.

Trichodesmium (marine algae) appears naturally in tropical and subtropical ocean waters and are commonly known as sea sawdust, red tide and sea scum.

Residents and visitors are advised to avoid the affected areas. In most cases, the blooms are generally harmless and can be easily washed off the skin by rinsing with water. However, if they deplete the oxygen content of the water, they can cause death to aquatic animals and may irritate the skin of some people.

Under certain conditions these blooms, or slicks may become beached, which can result in a putrid, almost ‘fishy’ smell along the beach and shoreline. Its appearance may be brown, green and pink as it dies off.

These blooms, beached or free floating, usually disappear in a few days.

For more information on algal alerts currently in place, please call the NSW Government’s toll free algal information line on 1800 999 457 or visit water NSW website To report algal blooms email

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