Inaugural rail trail business engagement workshop hailed a success

RICHMOND Valley Council, in partnership with Lismore City Council, yesterday held its first business engagement workshop at the Casino Golf Club to bring together industry experts and entrepreneurs to explore innovative strategies to capitalise on the Northern Rivers Rail Trail.

The workshop, facilitated by leading regional tourism expert Dr Meredith Wray, attracted 30 participants, and provided a platform for attendees to engage in interactive discussions, gain valuable insights, and establish important networks.

Workshop attendees had the chance to connect with peers, industry leaders, and potential partners through the structured networking session.

The diverse range of topics covered during the event included an update on the Casino to Bentley section, discussion around creating rail trail experiences, and lessons from the business development program on the Tweed section, including an overview of the Connect Program.

Richmond Valley Council’s General Manager Vaughan Macdonald said Council was pleased with the response to its inaugural business engagement workshop, as the event not only provided a platform for meaningful discussions but also served as a catalyst for building lasting relationships within the business community.

Mr Macdonald said through thoughtful planning, partnerships, and community involvement, the Casino to Bentley section of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail could become a valuable asset which would enhance the quality of life for all.

He said it had been proven rail trails attracted visitors, both local and from afar, creating opportunities for tourism-related businesses like cafes, restaurants, distilleries, bed and breakfasts, and rental shops.

“The success of yesterday’s business engagement workshop underscores Council’s commitment to driving innovation and facilitating meaningful connections within the Richmond Valley business community,” Mr Macdonald said.

“Plans are already underway for future workshops and events aimed at further strengthening these ties.”

Lismore City Council will be holding its business engagement workshop on Thursday 16 November at Two Mates Brewing, 7 Engine Street, from 5.30pm. Those interested should register here

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