Proposed Road Names

Under Section 162 of the Roads Act 1993 and Part 2 of the Roads Regulation 2018, notice is hereby given that Richmond Valley Council, as roads authority, proposes to name the following roads.

Any person may make a written submission by addressing them to the General Manager via one of the following methods:

  • Email to
  • Fill out a Make a Submission form on this website here
  • By post— Richmond Valley Council, Locked Bag 10 CASINO NSW 2470
  • By delivery to a Council Administration Centre—Casino or Evans Head.

Submissions close 14 May 2021

Baraang Drive BROADWATER

The Broadwater village requires a road name which is currently known as the Pacific Highway. Since the realignment of this road, Council is required to identify and formally adopt a new name in accordance with Geographical Names Board of NSW and NSW Addressing Policy and User Manual October 2019.

A road name for this location has undertaken extensive community consultation, with the following names considered and rejected: Mill Street, Old Pacific Highway, Rattle Street and Paringa Drive.

Paringa is not derived from the local Bundjalung language and could not be endorsed as a suitable road name. The Jali LALC have suggested the name Baraang as an alternative name to Paringa. The name Baraang has the meaning of ‘returning boomerang’ as the section of road resembles the shape of a Boomerang and that the water flows in and out being tidal, as advised from Jali LALC.

Spencer Road North Casino

A recent subdivision resulted in Musgraves Road forming a 3-way intersection. The name ‘Quain Road’ previously considered was not supported by residents.

The proposed name Spencer Road is supported from all affected residents and has pre-approval from The Geographical Names Board of NSW. The name is derived from previous late resident whom lived on that road for 32 years.

Plantation Rise, New Italy

This proposal resolves addressing confusion where the road is currently unnamed. Residents opposed the name ‘Candido Rise’ previously considered under public exhibition. The name Plantation has been proposed from an affected resident. The road name commences at Redgate Road (western boundary Lot 19 DP755614) travelling east and terminating at the eastern boundary of Lot 58 DP755614.


Flooded Gum Drive, New Italy

Commences at Redgate Road travelling east and terminating at North Eastern boundary of Lot 82 DP755614. Council received a signed petition containing seven signatures of affected residents in support of the name ‘Flooded Gum Drive’ as an alternative to Nicolia Road as previously advertised.

Serrata Lane, Broadwater

This is a short laneway off Byrnes Street within Broadwater. The properties that front this lane are addressed to the Pacific Highway due to the laneway being unnamed regardless that access is limited to that road. This section of the Pacific Highway is proposed to be renamed Baraang Drive. It is proposed to resolve the unnamed laneway to correct the addressing to minimise disruptions on the affected residents.

McCaw Lane, Yorklea

This lane commences off Vidlers Road. A boundary adjustment in this area has resulted in this existing road to be named for addressing purposes. The origin of the name is derived from Mr John McCaw Robinson being the original grantee of land.

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