Casino Greyhound Track funding boost


Greyhound racing at Casino’s greyhound track at Queen Elizabeth Park is set to shine even brighter thanks to over $270,000 in funding from the Nationals in NSW Government to install much needed new lighting.

Clarence Nationals MP Chris Gulaptis said the new lights will allow the track to host night-time races which will be a big bonus for spectators and improve greyhound welfare during the summer months.

“We love our greyhound racing here in the Clarence and Richmond Valleys and the NSW Government is committed to seeing the code continue to grow in our region,” Mr Gulaptis said.

“The installation of lights will mean the track can host more race events in the evening which is terrific news for spectators, as well as the animals themselves who will benefit from safer conditions in the cooler conditions of the night.

“Greyhound racing is a significant employer here in the Clarence and Richmond valleys and the money that it brings to town provides a boost to our local economy. This funding upgrade means more people in town, meaning more money coming in for local businesses.”

Minister for racing, Kevin Anderson, said the grants were made as part of the NSW Government’s $30 million commitment to assist greyhound racing clubs across the state to meet minimum track standards.

“This grant has been awarded to Casino greyhound track as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to improving animal welfare,” Mr Anderson said.

“These funds are not just about upgrading tracks, they are about adding value to each community and enhancing recreation in the area.

“The greyhound racing community want TAB meets to continue and injuries to go down, so the tracks and facilities need to meet the minimum track safety standards for that to happen, and that is exactly what this funding is designed to do.”

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