Valley’s beaches closed to 4WD traffic from Tuesday 7 April

AFTER consultation with NSW Police and neighbouring Ballina Shire Council, Richmond Valley Council will close 4WD access points while keeping beaches open for essential public exercise.

This decision is in line with the NSW Government’s direction for people to stay at home, only drive for essential services and exercise close to home.

The 4WD access points to Airforce Beach and the Boundary Creek entrance will be closed as of Tuesday 7 April. There is a road closure in place to the Dirrawong Reserve. People are still allowed to use the reserve for exercise.

The closure will take place in conjunction with Ballina Shire Council, which administers neighbouring entry points to the coastline between Evans Head and South Ballina.

The decision was made in consultation with Ballina Shire Council, NSW Police, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services, and Crown Lands.

Residents visiting the Valley’s beach can continue active recreation such as walking, swimming, surfing, running or fishing as long as they comply with social distancing requirements.

However, other typical beach activities, such as sunbaking, are no longer allowed.

Council is also advising that non-essential travel to the Richmond Valley, such as holiday visitation, is not permitted under the current COVID-19 restrictions.

There will be a ranger’s presence on the beaches each day over the Easter break.

Council is committed to ensuring the community and staff are as safe as possible during the COVID-19 crisis, while retaining essential services and public amenity options wherever possible.

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