VP245985 – Reynolds Road Industrial Subdivision Electrical Reticulation

Closing Date: Tuesday 29 June 2021 - Closed

The works of this contract are associated with the construction of Stage 2 of a new industrial subdivision located on Reynolds Road in Casino.

Reference is to be made to Design Drawings ST-0000965 and all supporting documentation. These drawings form part of this contract and are provided in Appendix 3A.

This contract is for the construction of electrical infrastructure associated with Stage 2 of the proposed subdivision. A design has been provided for this project outlining general and project-specific requirements to be followed according to Essential Energy’s design and construction standards.

Stage 2 includes all works required for Lots 1 to 7. The site has minimal vegetation at this time so no clearing will be required as part of the works.

Works include but are not limited to the following:

  • Site set out;
  • Erosion and sediment control measures;
  • Traffic control as required during construction;
  • Alterations to existing overhead infrastructure on the Summerland Way
  • Underground HV Supply feed from Summerland Way to the subdivision site
  • Overhead reticulation throughout the subdivision site
  • Installation of a new 500kVA Pole mounted substation
  • Street Lighting

Plant and equipment required to complete the works will include but not limited to, excavators, loaders, cable pullers, trucks and skip bins.

All works are to be undertaken in accordance with relevant Essential Energy Standards, the specification, nominated drawings and written onsite instructions provided by the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s Representative.

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Tenders Submitted

Tender NameTender Amount
Consolidated Power Projects Australia Confidential
Nexus PowerConfidential
Northwest PowerConfidential
Stralis EnergyConfidential
The Trustee for Gosling Trading TrustConfidential

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