VP244401 – Cemetery Maintenance and Operational Assistance

Closing Date: Monday 5 July 2021 - Closed

The provision of maintenance and operational assistance at multiple Council cemeteries is required for a period of three (3) years with an option to extend for up to two (2) x one (1) years, or part thereof, subject to satisfactory contractor performance. The total term of the contract shall not exceed five (5) years.

Council owns and operates multiple cemeteries within the Richmond Valley Council LGA which require regular maintenance and operational assistance to provide a high-quality service ensuring community expectations are met.

Council is seeking tenderers to express their interest in the maintenance and operational assistance for:

  • Woodburn Cemetery
  • Evans Head Cemetery
  • Coraki Cemetery
  • West Street Cemetery (If needed, successful tenderer may be called upon to service on agreed hourly rates)

Each cemetery has different service requirements which are outlined in these specifications.

Evan Head Cemetery
Evans Head Cemetery is located on Woodburn Street, Evans Head and was gazetted on 2 September 1938. The total maintainable area within the cemetery is approximately 24,025 square metres. The area is characterised by a gentle sloping site with a bushland setting. The Evans Head cemetery features a prominent memorial for fallen service personnel, ashes gardens, ashes niche wall, circle of life infant section and a combination of grand monuments and modern lawn monuments. Sandy soil is present and can pose challenges in some burial sites meaning the shoring technique may be required on occasions.

Coraki Cemetery
Coraki Cemetery is located at 215 Coraki Ellangowan Road, Coraki and the gazetted date is unknown, although there are inscriptions on headstones as early as 1880. Coraki cemeteries total maintainable area is approximately 39,009 square metres. The cemetery is a large open area with a mixture of grand and modern lawn monuments, ashes gardens and ashes columbarium walls.

Woodburn Cemetery
Woodburn Cemetery is located on Short street, Woodburn and was gazetted on 28 November 1873. The total area to be maintained is approximately 11,177 square metres. Woodburn cemetery is no longer operational and is only open for visitation purposes.

West Street Cemetery
West Street Cemetery is located at 148 West Street, Casino NSW 2470 and was gazetted on 14 November 1906. Council closed West Street Cemetery in 1980 and it is now only open to visitors and those whom reserved burial rights prior to closure. The maintainable area within West Street Cemetery is 35,930 square metres and has a tight display of grand monuments.
West Street Cemetery is currently maintained by Council staff, although the Contractor may be called upon at times to assist with maintenance.

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Tenders Submitted

Tender NameTender Amount
S.R Davidson & T.A DavidsonConfidential
Ovation Services GroupConfidential

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