VP242338 – Casino Sewer Pump Station 604 Renewal Works

Closing Date: Tuesday 1 June 2021 - Closed

Richmond Valley Council have identified that the existing sewer pump station requires upgrade to extend the life of the asset and improve the operational functionality of the pump station. Various decommissioning and new works are including as part of the contract, These elements are identified in Section 4 Scope of Works.

The site experiences flooding during large weather events and therefore requires a new elevated switchboard platform to be built at the same height as the existing which sits at the 500 year flood level.

The new switchboard platform is marginally bigger than the existing platform and is required to meet current standards.

The internal rising main and valve chamber configuration does not currently enable new pumps to be mounted in the existing sump while aligning with the current access opening.

Therefore, a new valve chamber is required to achieve a simplified internal configuration and utilise the existing cover slab and access opening (which is > 400mm thick).

The internal concrete surface in the wet well is in reasonable condition and does not require immediate epoxy coating. However, the upstream maintenance hole is much older an is in poor condition with high degree of exposed aggregate on the wall surface and severely corroded step irons. This structure requires epoxy coating to extend the useful life of the asset.

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Tenders Submitted

Tender NameTender Amount
Coastal WorksConfidential
Fewster Brothers ContractingConfidential
Interflow Confidential
Re-Pump AustraliaConfidential
Willow and SparrowConfidential

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