VP240912 – Reynolds Road Industrial Subdivision – Sewer Pump Station and Rising Main

Closing Date: Thursday 3 June 2021 - Closed

This contract is for the construction of a new Sewer Pump Station and Rising Main to cater for future industrial development in the industrial precinct of Casino. Works will also include the construction of water main pipework in a shared trench with the rising main for future upgrade of the existing water reticulation network by council.

The SPS capacity has been designed to cater for Stage 2 and 3 of the Industrial Precinct (details on Drawing No.3669/C010), vacant land between the industrial precinct and Dargaville Drive and have provision to connect the Existing Industrial area currently adjacent to Dargaville Drive into the station in the future.

The Sewer Pump Station will consist of a pre-cast packaged Sewer Pump Station solution with a new Sewer Rising Main from Reynold Road (following the alignment shown in drawings J6881 0110-0116) to Sheppard Street. The Sewer rising main will discharged to an existing Sewer Manhole located in the nature strip in front of 84 Sheppard Street.

This Technical Specification discusses the following construction scope for the works under the contract:

  • Design, Supply and Construction of a 20L/s, 1.8m diameter wet well Sewer Pump station to the South of Lot 2 of the Casino Industrial Estate on Reynolds Road. SPS is to include Maralex Switchboard and all telemetry necessary to connect into Councils existing network.
  • Construction of 2,300m of DN 100 U-PVC sewer rising main from Reynolds Road to Sheppard Street.
  • Connection of sewer rising main to Sewer Pump Station
  • Connection ofsewer rising main to the existing Manhole located on Sheppard Street.
  • Installation of new Sewer Rising Main injection point opposite RVC Water Treatment plant for future wastewater line connection from WTP.
  • Construction of approximately 900m of 250mm PVC Water Main from Rosewood Avenue to Reynolds Road, pipe and fittings to be supplied by Council.
  • Construction of approximately 495m of 200mm PVC Water Main from Reynolds Road to the entrance of the new industrial development, pipe and fittings to be supplied by Council.
  • Construction of 4 under bored road crossings for connection to the existing water main network.
  • Construction of approximately 890m of 63mm HDPE recycled water main from Water Treatment Plant to new SPS in Reynolds Road, inclusive of meter, non-return valve and connection into SPS wet well.
  • Construction of mains under existing cattle underpass crossing in Summerland Way.

All works must be constructed in accordance with this specification, the attached Issue For Construction drawing sets and contract documents.

Tenders Submitted

Tender NameTender Amount
CC P & CConfidential
Dave Bazar PlumbingConfidential
Killard InfrastructureConfidential
NTS GroupConfidential

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