VP233039 – Rileys Hill Sewerage Treatment Plant Switchroom

Closing Date: Thursday 22 April 2021 - Closed

Rileys Hill Sewerage Treatment Plant requires multiple automation/electrical system upgrades. To house new equipment a switchroom is to be built which incorporates a toilet/washroom and small test / wet area room. The existing amenities building is no longer fit for service and is to be demolished (not part of this scope of work). The new building is to be installed essentially in the same position as the previous building (with larger footprint).

This Scope of Works includes:

  • The detailed design of the building to meet the applicable Australian Standards. This includes all Geotech surveys, footing and structural design etc. Review of the detailed building design by Council is to be allowed for.
  • Supply of materials to allow complete construction of the building in accordance with this Scope of Works.
  • Construction of the building including all labour and equipment required.
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Council is continuing to negotiate with tenderers.

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