VP351528 – Illawong Lane Construction

Closing Date: Wednesday 3 May 2023 - Processing

This contract is for the construction of civil works associated with the proposed drainage diversion works and includes construction of a rock fill wire basket open drainage channel, minor roadworks in Park and Woodburn Streets, drainage pipes, concrete road surface and associated service and property access reinstatement in Illawong Lane.

This project will require the Contractor to liaise with stakeholders including residents and business owners with regard to property access and deliveries during construction.
Works include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Site set out;
  • Erosion and sediment control measures;
  • Site clearing and grubbing;
  • Traffic control as required during construction;
  • Installation and monitoring of dewatering;
  • Earthworks including, excavation and disposal of excess material as required for construction;
  • Construction of stormwater drainage including pipework and drainage structures;
  • Construction of Gabion open channel energy dissipater;
  • Construction of the public road (Illawong Lane)and private accesses, including subgrade,
  • subbase and base pavements and concrete and asphaltic surfacing;
  • Realignment and reinstatement of water and sewer services; and
  • Line marking and signage.

All works are to be undertaken in accordance with relevant Australian Standards, this Specification, For Construction Drawings and any written onsite instructions provided by the Principal or the Principal’s Representative.


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Tenders Submitted

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CD CivilConfidential
RCC Earth Works Confidential
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