Richmond Valley water restrictions lifted

FOLLOWING widespread rainfall across the Northern Rivers in recent days, water restrictions have now been lifted in the Richmond Valley local government area.

Level three restrictions were introduced in September for Casino town water users, with Rous County Council raising its restrictions for the Mid Richmond to level two in January.

However, due to the recent rain, the Richmond River and Rocky Creek Dam water reserves have been replenished to allow the lifting of restrictions.

Richmond Valley Council’s General Manager Vaughan Macdonald said while flows in the Richmond River were again healthy, he asked residents to use water wisely at all times.

“While supply and demand isn’t an issue now, the less water we use means the less we have to treat, which lowers the overall operating cost,” Mr Macdonald said.

Council will continue to monitor river flows and groundwater levels across the area and consider the need for the reinstatement of restrictions if flows and levels again drop to trigger levels.

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