Temporary closure of Bora Ridge Transfer Station

In coming weeks Council will start capping the Bora Ridge Landfill in line with a capping plan approved by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

The capping involves covering the landfill in a water-tight cap to seal the landfill from rain in an environmentally acceptable manner.

As the current Waste Transfer Station (WTS) sits on part of the area to be capped and the site will effectively be a construction zone, Council will not be operating a WTS at the site for the duration of the capping works.

The works are expected to last approximately 12 to 16 weeks depending on how much wet weather occurs during the works.

At this stage a starting date for the works has not been decided and the WTS will continue to operate throughout July.

Once a starting date is decided Council will widely advertise the date that the WTS will temporarily close.

During the temporary closure of the Bora Ridge WTS the Evans Head WTS and the Nammoona Waste & Resource Recovery Facility will continue to be available for receiving waste and recyclables.

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