Roadworks and Road Closures

Live Traffic NSW now displays local road information from Council’s data feeds. The Live Traffic NSW system is designed to support the high traffic load during extreme weather events. This will ensure the system will continue to run smoothly during emergencies.

For the latest traffic information, download Live Traffic NSW for iOS and Android or visit

Report a Road Condition

Council staff attempt to monitor road conditions on a daily basis during storm events but this can be hampered by access problems, staff availability and other competing demands. A key criteria for staff travelling around the road network is the personal safety in accordance with WH&S requirements which often prevents quick access. Community assistance in isolated areas provides a valuable support for keeping the information on Live Traffic NSW as relevant as possible.

To report a road condition:

  • Call 6660 0300
    This number is attended 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or
  • Fill out the online form below.
    Once submitted, the nearest Council inspector will visit and assess the condition of the road before making an update to Live Traffic NSW.

Report a Road Condition

Notify Council of a damaged, flooded or blocked road or bridge.

  • Estimate the depth of the water across the road you have observed
  • Add any useful information here such as debris observed, extent of damage and nearest cross street to road issue


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