Richmond Valley Growth Management Strategy and Casino Place plan adopted

The Draft Richmond Valley Growth Management Strategy (GMS) and the Casino Place Plan have been adopted by Council on 18 April 2023.

These documents have been produced in concert with the Richmond Valley Council Regional Job Precinct Master Plan, which is under preparation by Regional NSW, which has a primary focus on delivering jobs growth in Casino but all as a catalyst for jobs growth across the Richmond Valley and the Northern Rivers region.

Over the past year, Council has been working in partnership with Regional NSW to prepare pathways to deliver housing and jobs in the Richmond Valley.  This will culminate with the production of several bodies of work including the Richmond Valley Growth Management Strategy, Casino Place Plan and the Richmond Valley Council Regional Job Precinct Master Plan to help deliver these opportunities.

GYDE consulting was engaged by Richmond Valley Council to prepare the GMS, and by Regional NSW to prepare the Casino Place Plan.

Richmond Valley Draft Growth Management Strategy (GMS)

The purpose of a GMS is to support and guide the sustainable growth of both residential and employment land in the Richmond Valley.

The GMS:

  • provides evidence regarding the current and future projected demand for and supply of employment and residential land
  • establishes key principles to enable Council to plan for sustainable growth
  • provides clear direction regarding the location and priorities for managing employment and residential land growth.

The Casino Place Plan has been prepared to guide planning for population and employment growth and place outcomes in Casino at a higher level of detail than has been provided in the GMS.  Its preparation is in response to identified planning and urban design issues & opportunities.  It aims to coordinate and put in place strategies and enablers to attract and manage employment and population growth at levels above those previously anticipated for Casino.

The documents can be viewed at this page:

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