Richmond Valley Anzac Day Services 2023

Broadwater: Dawn Service. Assemble at 5.30am at the Broadwater Community Hall for a community service and breakfast.

Casino: Dawn Service – Assemble at 5.15am on Canterbury Street at the Casino RSM Club. March to Mafeking Lamp for service at 5.30am. Day Service – Assemble at 10am in Graham Place for march at 10.15am. March will proceed to Casino RSM Club. Retreat – Short service at 4.55pm at the Mafeking Lamp.

Clovass McKees Hill Soldiers Memorial and Community Hall: 4.20am Dawn Service, flag raising followed by Gunfire Breakfast. (breakfast costs $10 per person).

Coraki: Day Service – Assemble at 9.45am at the Coraki Hotel for march to cenotaph in Riverside Park for service.

Evans Head: Dawn Service – Assemble at 5.20am on Woodburn Street near bus stop. March to Memorial Gardens for the service to begin at 5.30am. Day Service – Assemble on Park Street. March commences at approx. 10-10.30am and proceeds to Woodburn – Evans Head RSL Club.

New Italy: Anzac Service – 11am inside New Italy Museum. There will be an honour roll and display of the 13 first-generation Australians of Italian descent who fought for Australia in World War I.

Rappville: Dawn Service – Service begins at 5.30am at the Anzac memorial on Nandabah Street. Day Service – Assemble at the Rappville Post Office at 10.30am. March to the Anzac memorial on Nandabah Street.

Rileys Hill: Dawn Service – Assemble at 5.45am at the Rileys Hill Memorial for a community service.

Woodburn: Day Service – Assemble at 9.45am at the Woodburn Post Office and march at 10am to the memorial in Riverside Park.

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