Managing Richmond Valley Waste

North Coast councils have been exploring opportunities for an alternative waste treatment facility for the past five years. Local and regional landfills are approaching capacity. Increasing challenges include managing leachate and carbon emissions from landfill, as well as rising costs.
Around 40 percent of North Coast councils’ waste is sent to landfill, despite having recycling and composting services in place for some time. A lot of this waste is transported to Queensland.

Richmond Valley Council worked with 12 North Coast councils and the Department of Regional NSW to prepare the North Coast Region Waste Investment Report 2020. The Waste Investment Report includes a stocktake of waste types and quantities in each council area. It highlights the need to develop alternative waste treatment infrastructure to divert residual waste from landfill. The Waste Investment Report provides the information base for councils to test the market for alternate waste treatment solutions.

To read the full document, please visit this page: Managing Richmond Valley Waste

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