Gopher & Motor Scooter Use on Footpaths

Richmond Valley Council wishes to remind all residents that gophers and/or motor scooters are allowed for use on footpaths, however, for all footpath users’ convenience and safety, the following rules should be observed:

  • gophers must travel at a maximum 10km per hour only and should only travel at an appropriate speed on footpaths;
  • although riders of low-powered wheelchairs/gophers are classed as pedestrians they must give way to anyone on foot;
  • gophers wherever they are driving must not cause danger or obstruction to any person or vehicle on the footpath; and
  • scooters should where possible avoid congested areas and travel slowly.

Electric wheel chairs and gophers give greater mobility to those with restricted movement and should therefore be respected.

Note:  Not all shops or other facilities are designed to accommodate scooters. Scooter operators should be prepared to leave their scooters outside and walk short distances.

Council thanks all footpath users for their co-operation in these areas.

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