Call for Additions to Register of Chemical Sensitive Residents and Organic Growers

Council is currently updating its Chemical Sensitive Register for Residents and Organic Growers within the Richmond Valley. This register is a list of residents and growers who wish to be notified prior to Council spraying in the proximity of their property.

Adequate notice and timeframes will be given to allow time for people to vacate the area while the spraying process is underway.

Council adheres to best practice guidelines in its use of chemicals, which includes the use of herbicides with the least toxic constituents which are effective and economical.  Council also endeavours to use the least amount of herbicides necessary to be effective.

All Council’s weed control staff and contractors are trained in conservation and land management and safe use and storage of chemicals.

Residents sensitive to chemical herbicide and certified organic growers who wish to be placed on the register should contact Council on 02 6660 0300 or alternatively via email

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