Proposed Residential Rezoning of Land Bound by Lennox, Hare, Boundary and East Streets Casino

An Application (Planning Proposal PP2018/01) has been received which seeks to rezone, as General Residential (Zone R1), an area of land comprising Lots 85, 86 & 87 DP755627 and Lots 1 & 2 DP545750, and located on the south-eastern fringe of Casino being bound by Lennox, Hare, East and Boundary streets.  More specifically the Planning Proposal seeks to:

  • rezone the land from Zone RU1 Primary Production to Zone R1 General Residential; and
  • to reduce the minimum subdivision lot size (MLS) from 40ha to 600m2 (yielding about 45 residential allotments).

The Planning Proposal also includes a Planning Agreement to secure a minimum of 4 biodiversity offset credits for the clearing of a small area of native vegetation on the land.

The Planning Proposal, its support documentation, and the Draft Planning Agreement will be publicly exhibited from Wednesday, 17 June 2020, with submissions closing on Friday, 17 July 2020.  All documentation relating to the proposal may be inspected at Council’s Customer Service Centres in Casino & Evans Head, or on-line via the On Exhibition page of Council’s Website.

Any person may make written submissions by addressing them to the General Manager:

Where a submission is by way of objection the reasons for the objection must be explained.

Please note: All submissions are public documents. Political donations must be declared.  Further information on declaring political donations is available here.

Further information on the Planning Proposal is available from Council on (02) 66600300.

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