Proposed renaming of Cook Street in Broadwater

Council is proposing to rename the east-west section of Cook Street in Broadwater to Duncan St, due to addressing issues caused by the intersection of two roads both known as Cook Street.

The Geographic Names Board has accepted the name proposal, which comes from Alexander Duncan MacDonald who was involved in the original subdivision of the land in the 1880s.

The proposal will be on public exhibition for 15 days and residents affected will receive a formal letter from Council regarding the proposed name change.

If there are no issues raised during the exhibition period the renaming process will be completed in the NSW Place and Road Naming Proposal System.

The renaming of the road will assist in navigation, emergency response and service delivery.

The proposal will be publicly exhibited for 15 days from Wednesday, 15 July 2020.

Any person may make written submissions by addressing them to the General Manager:

Where a submission is by way of objection the reasons for the objection must be explained.

Further information is available from Council on (02) 66600300.

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