Proposed beach permits

Richmond Valley Council values community feedback, and it regularly seeks community comment on proposed projects, policies and plans.

This time, we’d like you to tell us what you think about the introduction of permits for vehicles on Airforce and Broadwater beaches.

Community feedback is being sought regarding management options to help maintain the amenity value of Airforce Beach, Evans Head, and Broadwater Beach. This will involve the introduction of a user-pays permit system for vehicle access to Airforce and Broadwater beaches.

A proposal to introduce beach permits was raised following concern from the Evans Head and Broadwater communities. Residents and beachgoers are continually disturbed about dangerous and antisocial behaviour in these areas.

Proposed permits could cost around $14 for one day, $42 for 30 days, $63 for six months and $105 for one year.

Council has an ongoing duty to consider the use of the area’s beaches and as our residential and visitor populations increase so does the potential for conflict over beach usage.

Written submissions on the proposal will be accepted until 5pm Wednesday 7 August. Submissions from the community can be forwarded to the General Manager, Richmond Valley Council, Locked Bag 10, Casino, 2470, or emailed to

You can also make a submission online by filling out the quick contact form at

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