Proposal to close Council Public Road: Part Casino Coraki Road Tatham

Richmond Valley Council proposes to close part of a Council public road. This closure is due to the realignment of the road for the construction of the Tatham twin bridges where sections of the public road is no longer required. The closed road will be classified as operational land and sold or provided in compensation to the adjoining landholder for land acquisition.

The land is identified as Lot 27, 29, 31, and part Lot 28 in Deposited Plan 1189548, as shown in the maps below (road closure areas shown in yellow).

What should you do now?

Please consider the proposal and respond to Richmond Valley Council by  (12 January 2024). Send your submission to:

Richmond Valley Council, Locked Bag 10, CASINO, NSW 2470 with correspondence marked ‘Proposed Road Closing – Part Casino Coraki Road Tatham’ or email:

What happens next?

If Richmond Valley Council does not receive a reply within the exhibition period, it will assume that you concur and have no objections to the proposal.

Please advise Richmond Valley Council within the exhibition period if you require additional time to consider your position.

Once the submission period is completed, Richmond Valley Council will consider all duly made submissions and decide on road closure suitability.

If you have any further enquiries regarding this matter, please get in touch with Richmond Valley Council.

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