Naming of roads in association with the Pacific Highway project

With the construction of the Pacific Motorway, sections of the old Pacific Highway being transferred to Council’s control require re-naming.

Research was conducted by Council officers in relation to historical associations with the localities of these road sections, and recommended titles have been provided. The suggested names meet the criteria set by the Geographic Names Board: NSW Address Policy. Property address renumbering will also be required in the rural areas, with a new property number based on distance, as per the NSW Address Policy.

The sections of the old Pacific Highway for proposed renaming include:

  • From new Woodburn interchange north to Donaldson Street Woodburn to become an extension of Tuckombil Road
  • Uralba Street Woodburn remains unchanged
  • River Street Woodburn remains unchanged
  • From northern end of River Street Woodburn (intersection of Richmond Street) to Nordenfeldt Street in Broadwater to become Paddon Way
  • From Nordenfeldt Street to northern side of Broadwater Public School to become Mill Street.

Address re-numbering will be required for the new section of Tuckombil Road and Paddon Way. Street numbering for the urban area of Broadwater proposed to be named Mill Street will remain as per existing.

Please click here for more details on the proposed changes.

Submissions in related to this proposal are welcome up until Friday 22 February.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Council’s Coordinator for Project Development and Design Matt Kinkead on 6660 0242 or by email

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