DA2022/0250 Petersons Quarry Coraki

Designated and Nominated Integrated Development proposal

DA2022/0250 – Petersons Quarry

under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act)

Notice is given that development application DA2022/0250 has been lodged for an extractive industry on the below mentioned land descriptions known as Petersons Quarry. The development is Designated and Nominated Integrated Development.  The application will be on exhibition until 15 August 2022.

Designated and Nominated Integrated Development Application No. – DA2022/0250

Applicant’s Name – KIS Quarries Pty Ltd C/- Groundwork Plus Pty Ltd

Description of the land:

  • Lot 401 DP 633427 – 44 Seelems Road, Coraki
  • Lots 402 & 403 DP 802985, Lot 408 DP 1166287 & Lot 1 DP 1165893 – Petersons Quarry Road, Coraki
  • Lot A DP 397946, Lot A DP 389418, Lot 3 DP 701197, Lot 2 DP 954593, Lot 1 DP 954592 & Lot 1 DP 310756 – Spring Hill Road, Coraki
  • Lot 1 DP 1225621 – Seelems Road, Coraki

Description of the development – Proposed extractive industry comprising the following activities:

  • Expansion of Petersons Quarry to a maximum of 350,000 tonnes per annum and a maximum of 4,900,000 tonnes over the life of the quarry.
  • Extension of the quarry footprint to 34ha and to incorporate the disturbance area of the Coraki Quarry.
  • Maximum depth of extraction of RL 18m AHD in Lot 401 DP633427 and Lot 1 DP 1225621 and 17m in AHD in other areas.
  • Extraction by means of drilling and blasting.
  • Continued operation of the existing processing plant.
  • Processing and stockpiling of quarried products.
  • Loading and transportation of products to the local road network via Petersons Quarry Road.
  • Surface water management including sediment basins, diversion bunds and drains.
  • Ancillary infrastructure including the exiting site office, amenities and workshop.
  • Rehabilitation of the site to a landform suitable for future industrial activities.
  • Surrender of existing consents for Petersons Quarry and Coraki Quarry.
  • Hours of operation being 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm Saturdays, excluding non audible maintenance activities.

Consent Authority – Northern Regional Planning Panel

Designated Development – The proposed development is classified as Designated Development as defined in Schedule 3 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, as it is an extractive industry with an intended capacity of more than 30,000 cubic metres of material per year and disturbing a total surface area of more than 2 hectares of land.

Nominated Integrated Development – The proposed development is classified as Nominated Integrated Development pursuant to Schedule 1 and Section 4.46 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 requiring the approval from the following relevant approval body:

  • Environmental Protection Authority under Section 53 of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997

Exhibition period – the application is both Designated Development and Nominated Integrated Development.  It will be on exhibition from 18 July 2022 to 15 August 2022, both dates inclusive.

Where to inspect the development application – The complete development application and supporting documents may be view and downloaded from this page.

Submissions – Any person may make a written submission to the consent authority during the exhibition period by sending it to Richmond Valley Council by:

Submissions received will be considered as part of the assessment of the development application.  If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission.  All submissions will be treated as public documents.

Unless the Independent Planning Commission has conducted a public hearing, a person may appeal to the Land and Environment Court if the person makes a submission by way of objection and is dissatisfied with the determination of the consent authority to grant development consent.

If the Independent Planning Commission conducts a public hearing, the Commission’s determination of the application is final and not subject to appeal.

NSW Local Government and Planning legislation requires the public disclosure of donations or gifts made in the two years preceding the application by anyone lodging or commenting on development proposals.  Disclosure statements are available from Council’s customer service centres in Casino and Evans Head, and this website.

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