DA No. 2015/0096 – Iron Gates Residential Subdivision, Evans Head

Re-notification due to omission of Water NSW as an integrated approval body

Integrated/concept development proposal

DA No. 2015/0096 – Iron Gates Residential Subdivision, Evans Head

under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act)

Notice is given that integrated concept development application DA No. 2015/0096 for the Iron Gates subdivision at Evans Head will be re-notified due to an omission within previous exhibition notices to cite Water NSW as a relevant approval body under the Water Management Act 2000. Please note, no further amendments have been made to the application since it was previously exhibited in September-October 2021.

Concept/Integrated Development Application No.– DA No. 2015/0096
Applicant’s Name– Goldcoral Pty Ltd
Description of the Land– “Iron Gates” 240 Iron Gates Drive, Evans Head, comprising:

• Lots 276 & 277 DP755624 and Lot 163 DP831052,
• Crown land located between Lots 163 & 276, and along the southern Evans River foreshore of Lots 276 & 277, and
• Iron Gates Drive.

Description of concept development application

Stage 1:

• Subdivision of land to create 147 lots – including 135 residential lots (Lots 1 to 135), four public reserves (Lots 139 to 142), one sewer pump station lot (Lot 144), one drainage reserve lot (Lot 143), three super lots (Lots 145 to 147), one residue lot (Lot 138) and two rainforest lots (Lots 136 & 137)
• Embellishment of the proposed public reserves adjacent to the Evans River
• Upgrading of Iron Gates Drive, including vegetation clearing work
• Subdivision works for stages 1 and 2 including, but not limited to: clearing and earthworks; roadworks and drainage; sewer and water supply (including service connections to Stage 1 lots and Stage 2 lots); and electricity and communications (including service connections to Stage 1 lots and Stage 2 lots)

Stage 2 – Subject to a further development application

• Subdivision of the super lots (Lots 145 to 147) to create 40 residential lots (Lots 148 to 187) (no subdivision work is required for Stage 2 as all subdivision infrastructure will be provided within Stage 1).

Consent Authority – Northern Regional Planning Panel
Integrated Development – The development is an integrated development pursuant to Section 4.46 of the Act requiring the following approvals from relevant approval bodies:

• Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit under Section 90 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974—NSW Heritage within the Department of Premier and Cabinet
• Water Management Work Approval under Section 90(2) of the Water Management Act 2000—Water NSW
• Controlled Activity Approval under Section 91 of the Water Management Act 2000—Natural Resources Access Regulator
• Bush Fire Safety Authority under Section 100B of the Rural Fires Act 1993—NSW Rural Fire Service

Exhibition Period – The application is nominated integrated development and will be on exhibition from 18 February 2022 to 19 March 2022, both dates inclusive.
Where to inspect the application – The development application and supporting documents are available below for viewing and downloading.
Submissions – Any person may make a written submission to the consent authority during the exhibition period by sending it to Richmond Valley Council by:

• post to—Locked Bag 10 Casino NSW 2470
• email to—council@richmondvalley.nsw.gov.au
• hand delivery—at either of Council’s Customer Service Centres in Casino or Evans Head, or
• online submission—by completing an on-line submission form via Council’s website

Submissions, including those received from previous exhibitions of this application, will be considered as part of the assessment of the development application. If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission. All submissions will be treated as public documents.

NSW Local Government and Planning legislation requires the public disclosure of donations or gifts made in the two years preceding the application by anyone lodging or commenting on development proposals. Disclosure statements are available from Council’s Customer Service Centres or website.

Note. The proposed SEPP71 master plan for this development was withdrawn by the applicant and substituted with a concept development application variation per Section 4.23 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Section 4.23 provides that a concept development application may satisfy any requirement to prepare a master plan (aka a Development Control Plan) with the concept development application to contain information required to be included in the master plan (DCP).

The following table of documents relate to three amendments of the development application:

  • September 2019 amendment – consists of a comprehensive review and update of the entire development application and its supporting reports and documents. All documents submitted prior to this amendment were replaced by this amendment.
  • July 2020 further amendment – provides additional documentation and an amendment to the subdivision layout.
  • Concept DA variation July 2021 – amends the application to make it a concept DA with two stages and incorporates master plan considerations from State Environmental Planning Policy No. 71 – Coastal Protection into the development application.

All these documents comprise the concept integrated development application and will be relied upon for the assessment of the application.

September 2019 AmendmentJuly 2020 Further AmendmentConcept DA Variation July 2021
GOL Revised SEE Subdivision July 2019GOL Letter RVC Re Amended DA 27 July 2020DAC Email 20210726 DA2015 0096 Concept DA Amendment Submission
Appendix 1-1 Site Analysis Plan & Design Response PlanAmended Foreshore Embellishment Plans July 2020GOL Concept Proposal Outline Report July 2021
Appendix 1-2 Subdivision Plans CadastreAmended Plans Of Proposed Subdivision July 2020Letter To RVC Re Variation Of DA2015 0096 26 July 2021
Appendix 1-3 Subdivision Plans, Air Photo OverlayNRPlanning Panel Decision 13 09 2021 Accept Clause 55 Variation DA2015 0096 [PPS 2014NTH020]Appendix 1 Concept Proposal
Appendix 1-4 Subdivision Plans, Zone OverlayStormwater Management Plan Iron Gates Drive July 2020Appendix 2 Plan Of Proposed Subdivision
Appendix 1-5 Engineering Plans, Iron Gates Drive, Rev 02, Arcadis 21.08.17Appendix 3 Response To Submissions 25 March 2020
Appendix 2-1 Revised ESCIR 23 July 2019Appendix 4 Revised Draft Master Plan
Appendix 2-2 Revised ESCIR 23 July 2019 Appendix A & BAppendix 5 Email And Letter From Crown Lands
Appendix 2-3 Revised ESCIR 23 July 2019 Appendix CAppendix 6 Plan Of Proposed Subdivision With Building Envelopes
Appendix 2-4 Revised ESCIR 23 July 2019 Appendix D E F G H & IAppendix 7 Letter Of Advice From Mills Oakley (14 July 2021)
Appendix 2-5 Revised ESCIR 23 July 2019 Appendix J
Appendix 2-6 Revised ESCIR 23 July 2019 Appendix K L M & N
Appendix 3 Revised Consolidated Bushfire Report
Appendix 4 Bushfire Assessment, Additional Information Iron Gates Drive
Appendix 4 Update BRJD6396 100 45 1 Sheet 1 Bushfire APZ Plan
Appendix 5 Terrestrial Flora And Fauna Assessment
Appendix 6 Amended Ecological Assessment
Appendix 7 Statement Of Landscape Intent
Appendix 8 Cultural Heritage Assessment
Appendix 9 Letters Of Advice
Appendix 10 Contour Level & Detail Survey
Appendix 11 SEPP14 Coastal Wetlands Map
Appendix 12 Biting Insect Impact Assessment
Appendix 13 Demolition Plan
Appendix 14 Authority For DAC Planning To Act For GoldCoral
Appendix 15 Email And Letter From Crown Lands
Appendix 16 Email From RVC Re Water Reserve
Appendix 17 Original Planit Plan Of Subdivision & Zoning Plan
Appendix 18 SEIA
Appendix 19 OSL Plan
Appendix 20 ANEF Contours
Appendix 21 CPTED
Appendix 22 Waterfront Layout Plan, Planit Consulting, Undated
Appendix 23 Development Application Form

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