Cemeteries and Burial Policy

Council has developed a draft Cemeteries and Burial Policy to encourage best practice in the overall management of cemetery infrastructure and interments. The policy will help to ensure Council complies with relevant Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice relating to interment services and interment rights in NSW cemeteries.

It will also provide guidance to council officers, the community and funeral directors on providing appropriate interment services to meet the needs of the families of the deceased.

The ‘Specifications for Approved Headstones, Plaques & Fittings Casino, Coraki & Evans Head Lawn Cemeteries Memorial Gardens and Niche Walls’ is an accompanying document to the policy and provides technical information pertaining to the cemetery infrastructure associated with an individual grave site or memorial.

Community consultation is sought on the draft policy which is based on Council’s past management practices for cemeteries.

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