Council approves new 69-lot residential subdivision for Broadwater

 RICHMOND Valley Council has approved a proposed 69-lot residential development in Broadwater, at Council’s last ordinary meeting of 2020.

The development application lodged by Ardill Payne and Partners in February 2019, proposed a subdivision to create 68 residential lots ranging from 667m2 to 1126m2, and one primary production residue lot of 14.53 hectares.

The new subdivision will involve earthworks and construction of stormwater, sewer, water supply, and road infrastructure to cater for future housing construction on the site.

General Manager Vaughan Macdonald said Council’s planning staff had recommended the approval of the proposal subject to a range of conditions to ensure planning requirements were met and environmental impacts were minimised.

“Since the DA was lodged and placed on public exhibition for 30 days in February and March this year, Council’s planning department has worked through several conditions with the proponent,” Mr Macdonald said.

“Council received a total of 13 submissions during the public exhibition, and a full assessment of the application in accordance with legislative requirements was undertaken.

“The development proposal was reviewed in consultation with external State Government agencies, including Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), Essential Energy, NSW Department of Primary Industries, NSW Rural Fire Service, as well as the district water provider, Rous County Council.”

Mr Macdonald said one of the conditions required the proponent to prepare a management plan of construction to be approved by Council.

Additional conditions on the construction phase included limits on construction hours, sediment and erosion control measures, waste management, a traffic control plan, and dust suppression measures.

Mr Macdonald said several other conditions were imposed on the final development, including the construction of appropriate stormwater management infrastructure, traffic management, powerline relocation, and staging of the land release.

“Council’s Water and Sewer team has confirmed there is capacity in Council’s system for the 68 residential lots,” he said.

“However, to ensure there is ample water supply capacity it was recommended to stage the development to align with Rous County Council upgrades scheduled to be completed by 2022.

“Other conditions included some traffic requirements proposed by RMS in terms of access to Broadwater Evans Head Road from some of the lots.

“Essential Energy also requires that existing overhead powerlines be relocated into the road reserve, or removed and re-supplied as underground powerlines at the developer’s expense.

“On the plus side, the proposal will substantially increase the availability of land in Broadwater, which will have positive social and economic benefits to the surrounding communities in the Mid Richmond.”

Richmond Valley Mayor Robert Mustow said Council had voted unanimously to approve the development.

“As the development was larger than 50 lots, councillors were required to formally consider this proposal rather than delegating authority to the General Manager,” Cr Mustow said.

“This followed the public consultation process in February and March this year and extensive review by Council’s planning department.

“Overall, Council is positive about the potential of this development to provide more housing options in the Mid Richmond to satisfy increasing demand.

“This fits into a Council priority listed in our Richmond Valley Made 2030 Community Strategic Plan, to grow the local economy and create long-term plans for our towns and communities.

“This development will also benefit from Council’s $204,000 investment into the Broadwater Memorial Hall community park, with the upgrade of barbecue shelters and

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