Development Consents 1 May 2022 – 30 May 2022

Development Consents 1 May 2022 – 30 May 2022

Application IDProperty AddressFull DetailsDeterminedDetermine TypeDetermine Level
DA2022/00151022 Naughtons Gap Road, BentleyTorrens Title Subdivision to create 3 lots being Lot 1 (40ha) Lot 3 (43.5ha) Lot 4 (40ha)2022-05-12 10:55:53ApprovedStaff
DA2022/012726 Adam Street, Casino6.5m x 4.5m gable roof carport to be constructed in front of dwelling2022-05-04 16:46:29ApprovedStaff
DA2022/014286 Hotham Street, CasinoConstruction of 7m x 6m colorbond garage2022-05-25 09:34:54ApprovedStaff
DA2022/014435 River Street, WoodburnPlunge pool & associated fencing, decking and a new flyover roof2022-05-30 08:42:28ApprovedStaff
DA2022/0146136-138 Barker Street, CasinoAlterations and additions to a Heritage listed building (Tattersalls Hotel) including internal and external alterations, external shed, demolition, landscaping, fencing and associated works.2022-05-19 12:48:58ApprovedStaff
DA2017/0054.0474 Currajong Street, Evans HeadSection 4.55 (1A) modification to accommodate minor internal site planning amendments including:_x000D_
• Portion of existing Stage 2 amended to become Stage 2a including road alignment and site layout._x000D_
• Stage 2a comprising sites 14-29 and 59, Community Lawn No 1 and Basin 2
2022-05-19 00:00:00ApprovedStaff
DA2022/015994 West Street, CasinoCarport2022-05-06 08:16:12ApprovedStaff
DA2022/0161Casino Water Treatment Plant, 10690 Summerland Way, CasinoCreation of office space ancillary to existing water treatment operations2022-05-12 10:27:20ApprovedStaff
DA2022/016370 North Street, CasinoShed2022-05-11 14:03:06ApprovedStaff
DA2022/016437 Verulam View, Spring GroveFibreglass inground swimming pool and associated fencing2022-05-18 14:54:15ApprovedStaff
DA2022/0169385 Naughtons Gap Road, North CasinoConstruction of new dwelling to create a detached dual occupancy2022-05-03 09:35:25ApprovedStaff
DA2022/0171925 Woodburn Coraki Road, Swan BayConstruction of a steel frame farm storage shed with a concrete floor. A variation has been requested to reduce the building line setback from the front boundary from 20m to 13m.2022-05-12 09:50:31ApprovedStaff
DA2022/017380 Hotham Street, CasinoDemolition of existing free-standing garage, construction of new detached single storey dwelling to create a dual occupancy2022-05-03 08:46:36ApprovedStaff
DA2022/017535 Diary Street, CasinoConstruction of an above ground swimming pool & associated fencing2022-05-09 11:54:11ApprovedStaff
DA2022/0182227 Sextonville Road, CasinoDeck2022-05-25 10:13:09ApprovedStaff
DA2022/018356 Verulam View, Spring GroveShed2022-05-06 09:33:12ApprovedStaff
DA2022/018420-22 Richmond Street, CasinoColorbond skillion shed2022-05-11 09:42:52ApprovedStaff
DA2016/0085.029085 Summerland Way, LeevilleS4.55(1A) - Modification to approved Complex C buildings. The approved spiking sheds will be removed and the existing sheds will be extended. Overall, there will be a net reduction in floor area associated with Complex C2022-05-19 11:51:38ApprovedStaff
DA2022/018644 Eucalypt Drive, Swan BayConstruction of concrete slab deck on the Southern side of the existing dwelling, with a skillion roof2022-05-12 08:53:24ApprovedStaff
DA2022/018966 Casuarina Drive, Swan BayAS BUILT - Covered pergola/patio2022-05-19 10:57:53ApprovedStaff
DA2022/019267 Flatley Place, North CasinoNew dwelling, shed/carport & Swimming Pool2022-05-24 10:23:41ApprovedStaff
DA2022/01937 Zinnia Court, Fairy HillInground swimming pool and associated fencing2022-05-16 14:06:10ApprovedStaff
DA2022/019438-40 Fergusson Street, CasinoAwning and skillion roof on existing shed2022-05-16 15:23:12ApprovedStaff
DA2022/019690 Manifold Road, North CasinoDemolition of existing dwelling and construction of new dwelling2022-05-27 09:35:50ApprovedStaff
DA2022/0197125 Knoetzechs Road, North CasinoInstallation of an inground composite fibreglass swimming pool with associated pool fencing2022-05-30 09:09:43ApprovedStaff
DA2022/019830 Wirraway Avenue, Evans HeadAdd a low retaining wall along the southern boundary and a colour bond metal fence on top of the proposed wall2022-05-24 14:11:16ApprovedStaff
DA2022/0199130 Stratheden Road, StrathedenOpen fronted farm shed2022-05-19 12:45:48ApprovedStaff
DA2022/020338 Mangrove Street, Evans HeadNew 42m² covered utility area, unenclosed on 3 sides. It consists of a concrete slab on ground, a metal roof on timber frame and steel columns2022-05-27 15:50:09ApprovedStaff
DA2022/020454 Marigold Drive, Fairy HillConstruction of patio roof2022-05-30 12:59:04ApprovedStaff

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