Book review by Taryn Kelly – More Than a Body

More Than a Body : Your Body is an Instrument, not an Ornament by Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite
Lindsay and Lexie Kite are twin sisters who have written this book based on extensive research into body image. The book looks at how the world’s obsession with beauty has affected the way that girls and women see and feel about themselves.
The central idea of the book can be summed up in the quote “Positive body image isn’t believing your body looks good; it is knowing your body is good, regardless of how it looks.” The authors share many personal stories as well as examples from women they have worked with to show how it is possible to develop a positive body image and stop objectifying yourself.
Despite being based on research this book is highly readable and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed it and believe that all women would benefit from reading it. 5 stars.
Reviewed by Taryn Kelly – Library Technician

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