Book Review by Ngarie Macqueen – The Ravenels

Ravenels series by Lisa Kleypas

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1. Cold-Hearted Rake
2. Marrying Winterborne
3. Devil in Spring
4. Hello Stranger
5. Devil’s Daughter
6. Chasing Cassandra
7. Devil in Disguise

If you enjoyed the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn, or even just enjoyed the Netflix adaptation of the book series, there’s a very good chance you’ll adore this historical romance series written by Lisa Kleypas.

There are 7 titles in this series, all set in Victorian-era England. The Ravenel family (and the various other families and connection you meet along the way) are all wonderfully eccentric, independent, and intelligent people. The first book in the series finds Devon Ravenel thrust into the position of earl after the death of a distant cousin. He was displeased with this change as he felt it harmed his current life goals of utilising his time in various forms of debauchery! Devon also finds the earldom comes with a large amount of debt, the widow of the late earl, and the late earl’s 3 younger sisters. The tension between the dreams and wishes of Devon, and Kathleen (the late earl’s widow), make for an engaging and fun romance. Following on from this tale, each subsequent book in the series introduces the reader to various other members of the Ravenel family and their extended circle of friends and connections. Along the way you meet a highly ambitious man in charge of a shopping empire, a young woman who dreams of creating a board game business, the first woman doctor in England, and a tough whiskey distiller from Scotland, among others.

Kleypas’ writing contains humour, drama, some mystery, and of course sizzling sexual tension and romance. (Content warning: the stories contain open door sex scenes which means these scenes are written in more detail than just a kiss). Her writing style allows the reader to develop a strong connection to both main characters in each story without excess introspection like some romance novels contain.

Once I started reading one book in the series, I couldn’t stop, because they are a fun, relaxing and enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Ngarie Macqueen – Casino Library Coordinator

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