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The madness locker by Eddie Russell


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The madness lockerOn Christmas Day, 1986an elderly widow’s body was discovered inside a wheelie bin in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Despite a long and intensive investigation, the police fail to unearth a motive or identify a suspect. Lacking any clues, the police file it as a cold case. This fictional story, inspired by the true event of her murder, proposed a plausible motive.

The author takes us back to the days of the holocaust, the concentration camps and life in Nazi Germany. Here we meet a number of different characters who are all attempting to survive. One girl will escape to freedom while another will be sent to a Auschwitz. After suffering years of punishment she is liberated and sets out on journey all the way to Australia in search of the one person who she blames for her ordeal in Auschwitz.

The story gives a good description of what life was like for the Jewish community during those times.


I enjoyed this book and give it 3 stars.


Reviewed by Gary Ellem – Manager Regional Library


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