Book review by Gary Ellem – The Burning Girls

The Burning Girls by C.J. Tudor

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This is the fourth book I have read by C.J. Tudor and I have really enjoyed them all. This is another psychological thriller.

A female vicar moves to a small village in the English countryside where she discovers that there is an interesting history involving murder and disappearances and families keeping dark secrets. Reverend Jack Brooks (it took me a few pages to work out the Reverend was a she) uncovers some dark secrets in the village.

I enjoy books with a twist and I try to guess what it will be but I didn’t see the twist in this book coming.

If you enjoy psychological thrillers I highly recommend C.J. Tudor. Her other books include The chalk man, The taking of Annie Thorne, and The other people.

Reviewed by Gary Ellem – Regional Library Manager

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