Book review by Gary Ellem – Still

Still by Matt Nable

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I picked this Aussie fiction book up because I have enjoyed some of the TV series and movies that Matt Nable has been in: Brothers in Arms and Underbelly and the movie “The Dry” to name just a few.

Matt also does the voice overs for Foxtel for the Rugby League and Boxing.

I really enjoyed this book which is set in Darwin in the 1960s. It is written is typical rough Aussie language and involves murder, police corruption, hard drinking and the mistreatment of Aborigines. The hero, a local policeman named Ned Potter, is a flawed character but his heart is in the right place.

If you enjoy other Australian thrillers such as The Dry and Scrublands I think you will enjoy this book.  It has lots of intrigue especially with all the police corruption and coverups.

While reading “Still” I imagine this is what life would have been like in Darwin in the 1960s.

Reviewed by Gary Ellem, Regional Library Manager.

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