Book review by Gary Ellem – Cemetery Road

Cemetery Road by Greg Iles

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I listened to this book on BorrowBox and thoroughly enjoyed it. We also have the book in the library as well. If I didn’t get the chance to listen to the book I’m sure I would have read it.

The book is set in Bienville on the Mississippi River and is a very good thriller. It has it all – murder, sex, intrigue and dysfunctional families. The main focus is a journalist who returns home and goes up against the corrupt “Poker Club’ which is  group of powerful men who run the town. The author set the book in current times but occasionally goes back in some of the characters history to explain relationships.

The narrator on the eAudiobook sometimes got very animated which added to the enjoyment of listening to it.

I highly recommend this book and will be reading/listening to some more of Greg Iles.

Again I can see this book being turned into a TV series.

Reviewed by Gary Ellem, Regional Library Manager.

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