Book review by Gary Ellem – 55

55 by James Delargy

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This is an Australian thriller set in the remote outback of Western Australia. The story revolves around a man called Heath walking into a police station saying he had been drugged and tied up and was going to become murder victim number 55 by a man called Gabriel.  Then another man called Gabriel walks in with the identical story and that he was going to become murder victim number 55 by a man called Heath.

The story also includes a dysfunctional relationship between two cops who were previously best mates.

I did start reading this book awhile ago but was interrupted because I had to read the new Harlan Coben and the latest book in the Orphan X series by Gregg Hurwitz (highly recommend this series). I am glad I went back to finish it – I enjoyed it. There is a little bit of Wolf Creek to the story and it was interesting trying to work who was telling the truth.

A quick check of the library catalogue and I notice we have a new book by James Delargy called Vanished which I hope to read soon.

Reviewed by Gary Ellem – Regional Library Manager.

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