Book review by Corinne Hughes – Kill Order

Kill Order by Jack McSporran

If you like Ian Fleming’s 007 and James Phelan’s Lachlan Fox then you’ll love Jack McSporran’s Maggie Black.  Maggie’s a homeless, British street-kid made good.   With a big personality and an identity for all occasions, Maggie’s commando trained, highly intelligent, an elite athlete, unbelievably resourceful and ever so deadly.  Maggie also has no family, few “real” friends, is extremely lonely and fears she needs to exit the only World she’s known most her life before it destroys her as she struggles to keep hold of her own identity. But in the meantime another mission looms and Maggie has to protect London officials.  Before she can fully read the situation Maggie’s client is assassinated with all close circuit camera footage pointing to Maggie as a killer and rogue agent.  Maggie now has to flee for her life as she’s hunted by her fellow agents in a quest to discover the real assassin, clear her name, meet a love interest and survive.  A predictable spy thriller format but a nice twist with a female agent. 4 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Corinne Hughes, Kyogle Branch Librarian.

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