Book review by C.E. James – Peter Grant series

Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch.

 1. Rivers of London
 2. Moon Over Soho
 3. Whispers Under Ground
 4. Broken Homes
 5. Foxglove Summer
 6. The Hanging Tree
 7. Lies Sleeping
 7.5. The October Man
 8. False Value

Each of the novels in this series is an individual story following the life (adventures) of Policeman Peter Grant into the world of British fey/myth magic and fantasy with funny, brilliant writing making it all very “real” – he encounters a full range of weird characters on various assignments in and out of London.

They are richly drawn from historical Britain – best to read them in order of publishing.

A very entertaining, witty read.

Reviewed by C.E. James, Kyogle Library member.

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