Audiobook review by Corinne Hughes – Whisper of Bones

Whisper of Bones by L.T. Ryan

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What a great new author!  L.T. Ryan writes detective, thriller mysteries with a paranormal twist.  A deceased man is found murdered, he’s been drugged into a paralysed state, his legs horribly broken, then strangled to death and left where homeless folk and police will find him. The dead man is Robert Shapiro and his death marks the end of a 20 year serial killing spree, but Shapiro’s death raises another strange investigation.

Cassie Quinn is a Savannah Police consultant with proven paranormal investigative skills.  Cassie works with homicide veteran detective David Kline’s department on a case-by-case basis when regular lines of enquiry have been exhausted.  Like David, Cassie’s skills and arrest rate are almost legend but after her examination of the evidence in this case she encounters a spirit she’s unprepared for.  Cassie will need to put aside past personal trauma and gather all her wits to help David untangle the web of intrigue and dark secrets to solve this thriller.

5 stars.  A real page turner. I’m eager to read another book in the Cassie Quinn mystery series.

Reviewed by Corinne Hughes, Kyogle Branch Librarian.

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