Audiobook review by Corinne Hughes – English tea murder

English tea murder – written by Leslie Meier, read by Karen White


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English Tea Murder: Lucy StoneThe English tea murder sees Lucy and friends jump-at-the-chance to leave Tinker’s Cove and fly across the Atlantic to enjoy a cheap, guided-tour of London. Winchester College’s sponsored tour boasts all the trappings of an English holiday to Lucy and friends.  All they have to do is behave as chaperones to a few College students.  What a great deal!  But Lucy’s English holiday gets off to a bad start when the tour leader dies from an Asthma attack mid-flight but as everyone has arrived in London the College feels the tour should go ahead with a new tour leader.  Everyone is introduced to the new group leader, suave Professor Quentin Rea except Lucy who already knows the  sinister Professor from her past. From sharing a cramped bed-sit hotel, consuming greasy English breakfasts, trying Indian take-aways, seeing Agatha Christie’s ‘Mouse Trap’, to taking the Tube to the Tower of London then Seaside holiday amusements Lucy is once again tangled in a murder mystery. Accidents and unexpected incidents follow the group and suggest to Lucy that more than bad luck is at play.

3 Stars.

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